Role Playing

Role Playing Games are the core of this community going back to the First Edition D&D. Serenity Games has regular tournaments for the advanced player, and fun single sessions for the beginner. Checkout our events and photo gallery for more information.

Collectible Card Games

Card Games are an engaging and exciting part of our community. Serenity holds weekly competitions for Force of Will, Magic, and Cardfight Vanguard. Scroll through our photos on the next page or click events to see when the next game begins.

Board Games

Board Games in America go way back, but we aren't the Chutes and Ladders kinda of arena. Serenity is the headquarters of thematic, strategy, and adventure board games in Pinellas County.

Tabletop Games

If Tabletop Games are more you thing, we have you covered. Our space is home to many of today's popular Tabletop Games. Warhammer, Guild Ball, X-Wing, Warmachine, and more!